When Breast Cancer Runs in the Family

A study focuses on the psychosocial effects and emotional health of daughters. 'In clinic, we see patients, mothers with breast cancer or mothers at genetic or familial risk for breast cancer, who worry what impact their cancer diagnosis or risk has on their daughters. It's one of the most common things mothers ask about.'

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Yes. Early Detection Does Matter.

"The British Medical Journal has published a large analysis demonstrating that, in recent years, stage still matters in terms of how long women are likely to live after a breast cancer diagnosis. The population-based study involved nearly 174,000 Dutch women.

The findings run counter to a press-popular view that early breast cancer detection has little value in the modern oncology era."

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The Decision to Wait

What if I decide to just do nothing?
This article and companion video take a  look into the decision to wait, and give an overview of new options considered both measured and radical, depending on who you ask.

"As with all the hardest decisions we have to make about our health, it comes down to the impossible calculus of what level of uncertainty can I live with?"

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Reading Recommendation

The End of Illness 

"In this brilliant book, David Argus introduces a whole new way of looking at illness and health. Taking a cue from physics, he views the body as a complex system and helps us see how everything from cancer to nutrition fits into one whole picture. The result is both a useful guide on how to stay healthy and a fascinating analysis of the latest in medical science."

-Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

"Dr. David Agus has given us a remarkable peek into our health- and the impact will be profound. I've made it my mission in life to live strong and help others do the same. The End of Illness is one more empowering piece to the puzzle of knowing how to do just that. This book will prevent illness, revolutionize treatments, and lengthen people's lives. A tour de force in its delivery and message." 

-Lance Armstrong, 7-time Tour de France winner and Founder of LIVESTRONG